My debut eBook: Art Journaling 101 – yours for free!

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I’m so excited to share my debut eBook with you – Art Journaling 101.

It’s the guide I wish I had when I started art journaling!

Art Journaling 101 is designed especially with the beginner in mind. The eBook is geared towards those who have or prefer to work with  limited supplies – or are suffering from art supply overwhelm and want to simplify their stash, if only for a while!

What the book is about:
Demystifying art journals – one alphabet at a time. Continue reading “My debut eBook: Art Journaling 101 – yours for free!”

On my art table: Open to interpretation



Waiting. Yearning. Dreaming. Hoping.

A figure in space.

A figurative landscape.

Yellows, blues, a tinge of brown.

Hope, calm, despair and sorrow.

Looking ahead.

Turning back.

Dreams broken.

Hope springs anew.

That’s what it does – abstraction.

One image – multiple viewpoints.

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On my art table: Fearless

Fearless painting

This is one of my favorite pieces of art from this year. In fact, when I finished it, I knew I wanted to do something similar on canvas, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I hope to, though, before 2016 is over!

Working on this piece – and art in general – taught me about moving into fear – a lesson on fear and bravery that I had shared earlier this year.

…life is fluid, constantly moving and shaping and stretching and contracting – nothing lasts forever.

Every time I look at her, I’m reminded of this. That’s the beauty of art, I think. It reminds you of the things you were going through when you were painting. Of the lessons in bravery and perseverance, observing and experimenting that working on a piece taught you.

These are lessons you can learn by following any craft. Writing, blogging, cooking, sewing, photography – anything to which you put your attention. Don’t you think so?

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On my art table: Wisdom


“Turn your wounds into wisdom” – Oprah Winfrey

Wisdom, they say, comes from living. All of our experiences, good and bad, teach us various lessons. By mining the lessons from our experiences, we claim them, own them, and make them a part of us. This treasure trove of life lessons can sustain us through the darkest times.

I created this spread with ample room to add in the most important life lessons I’ve learnt so far in my life (not all of them are pictured here). And at the end of the year, I plan to add in all the lessons that 2016 teaches me.

I think remembering the wisdom that we earn from living through our experiences is an excellent way to honor life. And you really don’t have to create pretty art around it either. Just write it down – in your journal, evernote, a Word document, a blog post – whatever you find easiest and most comfortable. But do honor it. We have so much wisdom within us – be open to seeing and mining it.

If you would like to learn how to start an art journal, do download my ebook Art Journaling 101. It’s designed for complete beginners and for those who would like to work with limited supplies. 

On my art table {plus a how to}: Create


If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll know that my word for the year is Create.

This is the very first art journal spread I created this year, to remind me of my word whenever I open my journal.

And since the word is create, it’s only fair that I tell you how you can create a similar piece, isn’t it?

It’s quite straightforward, and a lot of fun!

Pull out 2-3 of your favorite colors (keep them either warm or cool) plus one contrasting color to add some pop. Gather together some collage pieces – old book pages, images from magazines, color swatches – and stencils and stamps. Now, start randomly gluing down your collage pieces using matte medium. Don’t overthink this step. Just have fun.

Once your glue is dry, add paint! Color block, drip paint, draw swirls, stamp, stencil. Again, have fun, you really can’t go wrong with this.

Now think of what you want your focal element to be – mine is a heart. Draw three hearts of varying sizes on a scrap piece of paper and cut them out. These are your templates.

Arrange these on your spread until you find a pleasing composition. For the main focal image, just draw around the template (I used a watercolor pencil) and fill the shape in with white gesso. Squeeze out a bit of your contrasting color on the palette (an old plastic lid works), dab some paint onto a sponge, and start dabbing the paint over and off your template – take a look at the pink and orange hearts on the top and bottom corners. This gives you a reverse image.

Now decorate your focal image as you see fit, write your word, and you’re done!

If you need more in-depth instructions, please download my ebook Art Journaling 101. It’s designed for complete beginners and will take you through this entire process in much greater depth.

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On my art table: Figurative landscape


I’m guessing by now you’ve realized that I love painting girls. While most of my girls are whimsical, I’ve been wanting to experiment a bit more with form and abstraction. This is one of my first few attempts.

I’ve deliberately left some of her features undefined, but she’s not yet as abstract as I would like.

It feels like a risk to make her disappear some more…to blur the lines between her and the landscape in which I’ve placed her. But, I need to remember that it’s just paper and paint. If I push too far or don’t like what I create, I can always start over.

Quite a simile for life too, don’t you think? Moving out of our comfort zones can be hard, but the benefits far outweigh the risks. Plus, life always gives you a chance to course correct, or even to do things over. Yet, we are sometimes so hesitant to even try!

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