On my art table: Figurative landscape


I’m guessing by now you’ve realized that I love painting girls. While most of my girls are whimsical, I’ve been wanting to experiment a bit more with form and abstraction. This is one of my first few attempts.

I’ve deliberately left some of her features undefined, but she’s not yet as abstract as I would like.

It feels like a risk to make her disappear some more…to blur the lines between her and the landscape in which I’ve placed her. But, I need to remember that it’s just paper and paint. If I push too far or don’t like what I create, I can always start over.

Quite a simile for life too, don’t you think? Moving out of our comfort zones can be hard, but the benefits far outweigh the risks. Plus, life always gives you a chance to course correct, or even to do things over. Yet, we are sometimes so hesitant to even try!

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On my art table: Animal guides


Yesterday I told you about my struggle to draw a mandala. Today, I want to show you my first ever unicorn and phoenix drawings. Unlike the mandala, which made me cry buckets of tears, these were fairly straightforward. I got them right on my first practice run, and then I just took a deep breath and drew them out on the page.

Sure, the unicorn could use some more work – his mane looks like it’s stuck on to his body! – but for a first try, I’m pretty happy with him! And I’m totally in love with this phoenix! In fact, I recently reimagined her in another piece – you can take a look see on my instagram feed, and while you’re at it, do follow me there too!

So why these two animals, you ask? Because they came to me during a meditation as my animal companions, and I loved the meanings associated with them.

The phoenix represents death and rebirth, transformation and regeneration. It’s the protector of all fire. This totem gives hope in the midst of despair.

The unicorn gives you the ability to make your dreams come true. It has the ability to restore broken spirits and helps you develop your own personal power.

Pretty interesting, right? Here’s a guided meditation to help you find your power animal if you so wish.

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This piece was created as part of a lesson on Lifebook.

On my art table: Mandala magic


I’ve long been drawn to mandalas – to their symmetry, their beauty and, most of all, to the calmness that they evoke. But I’ve always been afraid of trying to draw them. This year, though, I finally took the plunge.

And it was so hard! Whoever said dividing a circle into 12 equal pies is easy, is lying! I wish I could show you how many pieces of paper I crumpled up and threw and how many tears I shed just trying to draw those 12 symmetrical pies. By the end of it, I’d much rather have been eating apple pie, and I’m not even that fond of it! And when I finally did manage to get it divided up, drawing symmetrical shapes in that circle gave me nightmares!

By the time I got my “practice” mandala ready, I was so stressed out, that I just traced it onto another piece of paper and used it as a template on this piece. No more trying to hand draw a mandala, no sir-ee! And don’t you dare ask me how to divide that circle. I managed it once, I doubt I can do it again!

But, I did enjoy the process of painting it! I layered magazine images, meaningful symbols, and stencils, and then traced the mandala over it and painted it in with Uni Posca paint pens. I left some of the shapes unpainted to let the layers show through. This particular piece is done on watercolor paper. I plan to do another one on canvas board soon.

What? I still have this mandala template – I’m guarding it with my life!

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On my art table: The angel


This angel was among the first few paintings that I did this year. Around the 10th of January, I think. As I read the words I chose for this spread, I’m struck by just how prophetic they’ve been!

Tune into your highest, elder self, and allow that being to lead your desires, intentions, and actions.

I’ve been led down new paths, found some completely unexpected teachers and guides, and embarked on an inner journey that I didn’t even know I needed to excavate, examine, and transform. And as I work on that inner journey, I’m realizing that as much as it is healing me, it is also a story that needs to be shared.

I know where to share it (here, of course), although how is still a mystery. But given how amazing these past six months – you can read about my adventures with Create (my word of the year) for all the details – have been, I’m sure the how will come to me too!

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On my art table: Two Sisters

Art journal spread - two sisters

I love painting whimsical girls, and I love giving them colorful hair. Don’t you think their bright blue hair looks exciting? I almost I wish I could color my hair robin blue! *laughs*

On this spread, I was experimenting with face structure and with using black. Believe it or not, black used to (and sometimes still does) scare the bajeezus out of me! It can easily overwhelm a page and make it seem dark and depressing. But used like this in small quantities to frame the page, and with pops of color added on, I think it looks quite nice, don’t you?

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